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The studio 44screens

We wanted to create new augmented reality solutions enabling a better appreciation of the world around us. So we created the 44 screens studio.
With the help of a heap of creativity and a fair dose of technological challenge, sprinkled with a lot of enthusiasm, we created mobile, innovative and sometimes very surprising projects with our clients and partners.

We can be creative when needed and very conservative when necessary. That is why our client base is so wide, spanning from the touristic and cultural industry to domains such as maintenance and education.

The 44 screens studio was born simultaneously in Paris, Madrid and Montreal. These mixed international origins reflect the diversity of its founders and collaborators.

The 44 screens studio is also investing heavily in research and development. Thanks to our 6 research labs, we create new solutions using augmented reality, indoor/outdoor geolocation and Human Machine Interfaces.

The 44 screens studio is renowned for the augmented reality experiences it creates. These are currently the in-thing for castles, abbeys, museums and other historical centers! Would you like to try?

Augmented reality experiences
Castle, abbey, historical center or museum: add sparkles, interactivity and creativity thanks to our augmented reality experiences!
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Mobiles apps
Solid and creative, our turnkey customized applications will answer every user’s needs.
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Augmented reality and new ways of using mobile technologies are at the core of our R&D lab which works in collaboration with 6 other labs.
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Do you have a project that’s a little bit crazy or perhaps very down to earth? Are some of your needs not being met? Feel like taking part? Please contact us or come and visit!

What they say…

Because our clients, the media and our partners speak better about us than ourselves!

Ornithology within anybody's grasp

“This app enables you to recognize Spanish birds, the remarkable places from where you can observe them, all in a simple and very visual manner. Now ornithologists are not the only ones able to identify a bird by its song or its plumage.”

Miguel G. Corral El Mundo (Madrid)

It's amazing!

“Thanks to augmented reality, there is a blazing fire in the hearth of the Chateau of Beaugency, and Joan of Arc, François I and all the characters come to life, it's amazing!”

Frédérick Gersal Télématin broadcast, FRANCE 2

“All the trails are digitally recorded and numbered“

“Randomobile is an app that gathers all the information around and allows you to plan the whole of your hiking trip on your cell phone.”

Francis Letellier National News Broadcast, Le 19/20, FRANCE 3

Tomorrow's entrepreneurs

“Lionel Guillaume and the team of the 44 screens studio are among tomorrow's entrepreneurs bridging the gap between France and Quebec.”

Géraldine Martin Les Affaires (Quebec)