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Mobiles apps

Customized development

The 44 screens studio team develops mobile apps for tourism, culture, heritage and education.
Whether you chose a customized or a turnkey app solution, we are always by your side listening to your needs and advising you, because “more stuff” does not always mean “better stuff”.

That is why we make use of all the augmented reality skills our experienced research teams have. We use the best indoor and outdoor geolocation solutions and we devise designs that are easy to use.
In that way, every single one of our projects pushes the limits a little bit further and enhances our methodology, to help you target your needs and give life to the most beautiful projects.

Nothing can stop us: our teams like to blend creativity, usefulness, research and design.

Turnkey solutions

Are you looking for low cost solutions you could quickly set up and adapt to your needs?
The 44 screens studio team has developed a range of turnkey solutions adapted to the needs of the professionals in tourism, education, culture and heritage.

Born from our experience, we have created for you the APPYMAX Suite and the RANDOMOBILE solution.
This range of products guarantee:
– Ease of use
– Quick implementation
– Compatibility with the latest Android iphones and smartphones
– Low cost
And they can be customized to reflect your image!

Our turnkey solutions

App that has been developed in collaboration with the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre (French Hiking Federation), in order to add value to your walking trails.
Appymax Outdoor
App using geolocation for you to enjoy your favorite outdoor sports and discover the surrounding countryside.
Appymax Tour 360
App dedicated to thematic and historical travels to constitute a community centered on travel.

I don’t know about you, but all these apps are giving me ideas!
So you know what you need to do