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Creativity and technicality!

The 44 screens studio was born from our wish to keep pushing the limits of augmented reality technologies, to be able to use them in exciting and useful projects.

We believe in augmented reality, because it gives us a better understanding of the world. However, we are also convinced that technology is not a goal in itself, but only a means to help you develop a project… your project.
The 44 screens group is present in France, in Canada and in Spain. We work in collaboration with our partners and clients based in a dozen other countries…
So, whose turn is it next?




Fundamental and applied research

Since its creation, 30 % of 44 screens studio’s activity has been dedicated to innovation and research. Our research is mainly centered on augmented reality, Human Machine Interfaces and smart data.
We develop algorithms and innovating solutions to create ever more reliable and easy to use apps.

This is not to mean that we are a bunch of geeks cut off from the real world, on the contrary! First of all because the studio’s founding members are only “average geeks”, and secondly, because we are working in collaboration with other studios all around the world, but most of all, because we have taken up the challenge of having developers, artists, graphic designers, historians and archaeologists work together…

Some of our people tend to use the left part of their brain more, others the right part, some even use a bit of both, but none of us are brainless!

Our research partners

Founding members

The founding members form a solid multidisciplinary and multicultural team. It reflects our dedication to create products where the human factor has priority over technology.

Lionel Guillaume
Founding Chairman

A creator whose feet are firmly anchored to the ground, bridging the gap between Europe and Canada.

César Lapuente
CEO and Co-Founder

Serial Entrepreneur in new technologies, charming, creative and an avid traveller.

Joel Arseneau
Co-Founder and Chairman in Canada

Serial Entrepreneur with a sense of detail, feet on the ground and a passion for the sea.

If you would like to join our teams